Malindi Beach & Watamu Beach - Malindi and Watamu, typical Kenya islands, are acclaimed for its unending beaches. The tropical island provides the tourists with a plethora of resorts and atmosphere favorable for relaxing.
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Malindi and Watamu Beach in Kenya

Malindi has exquisite beaches and so does the Watamu. Offering wonderful opportunities of Beach Safari, there is safari mixed with water sports mixed with lots of thrill and entertainment. It makes a perfect recipe for your travel. There are lots of guest houses and resorts to comfort your stay.

Watamau also has a Marine National Park which is a treat for the divers and snorkelers as it has captured the vistas of aquatic life.

Marafa Depression in the north-west of Malindi is beauty beyond the description of the words. It is also given the name of Hell's Kitchen. It has interesting tales in it's kitty which amuse the visitors. Viewing the sunsets from the windows of canyons and gorges is surely a wonderful sight.

The Kenya Safari commences in the jungles of Arabuko Sokole Forest. Once you land here you will feel close to your ancestors as though how they survived amongst these creatures.

As you start strolling in these jungles, you discover the mystery of the mystic town of Gedi. The ruins in the form of the passages and walls are so extravagant that they substantiate the story of a cryptic past.

The forest is at your dispense. Now it's your wish to just be a viewer to the show put up by wildlife, to enjoy the safari theme in the backdrop of Jungles or to introspect yourself in the nearby North Coast.

Getting There
Reaching Malindi would be easier once you reach Mombasa. Our Mombasa section can help you finding your way to Mombasa. In the north Coast, you can take regular buses and Matatus. You can reach the North Coast taking a private cab. Many hotels would serve the guests with the taxis and vehicle transfers. The Malindi airport facilitates to provide scheduled flights and private charters.

Getting Around
Cabs are the easy option. You can find them anywhere and everywhere, mostly at the hotels and the resorts. In the North Coast Highway, regular buses and Matatus are available for the service. Though in north of Malindi, services are less regular.
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