Enjoy events like the Safari rally and Ferodo Concours d'elegance which have become very popular among the tourists. The events are becoming increasingly popular in international tourism sector.
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The Kenya Tourism Week

The World Tourism Day usually marked on 27th September annually by the World Tourism Organization, (WTO) member countries in recognition of the important role tourism plays in national economies is widely celebrated in here in Kenya. Kenya as a member of WTO observed the event for the first time in 1991 - the year that was also designated by WTO as "The Year of African Tourism". Since then, Kenya's private and public tourism stakeholders celebrate this day a whole week, with a climax of activities on 27th September. Members of the public and visiting tourists are invited to join the tourism fraternity in these events which include: special offers by service providers, free trips to selected sites, dinner parties, music extravaganzas, game park clean-up, tree planting, and launching of new products among others.

The Safari Rally

This is an international event organised by World Motor Sports Council based in Paris, through the Safari Rally Kenya Ltd. It is held only in Kenya each year, previously always during the Easter holiday but dates are now proposed and confirmed by the Sports Council.

Interested rally drivers are invited from all over the world to take part and they look for sponsorship from recognised companies or individuals, in terms of provision of cars, fueling, prizes, etc.

The rally covers 3,000 Km of challenging terrain through scenic sites in Kenya whose route is assessed and selected by the Sport council officials. It takes 4 - 5 days of racing.

For more information, contact:
The Safari Rally (K) Ltd.
P.O Box 59483, Nairobi
Tel: 254 2 723144 / 7
Fax: 254 2 723147

Ferodo Concours d'elegance

Ferodo Councours d'Elegance has become one of Kenya's major annual events having begun 29 years ago. Held at the Nairobi Race Course, which is approximately 10 km from the city centre, the Concours is a vehicle beauty contest which attracts a wide variety of cars and motor cycles which are checked for their cleanliness and condition. This event is gaining international status with entries from countries like Mauritius, South Africa together with our neighbouring East African countries.

The Alfa Romeo Owners Club (Kenya) are the organisers of the Concours which attracts cars and motorcycles as old as 1910 models. It is a closed event for the club members although temporary membership is available to any driver holding a current license. The cars are classified into groups such as the "Vintage" which are made between 1914 and December 1930. Those made before the first World War fall in the "Veteran" class. This year's event had the oldest machine, an Otto Speedster which was made in Philadelphia in 1910. Other attractions were a 1924 fiat, 1928 Ford Tudor, 1934 Railton ports cars, 1966 Mercedes Benz 250 SE among others. A 1922 Triumphed marked the last event of the Century as the oldest motorcycle.

During this event there is also a classic sale which is open to any car of motorcycle made in 1974 or earlier, regardless of the machines condition.

The Concour d'Elegance that will be in the year 2000 will also mark 30 great years of this great event sponsored by Alfa Romeo Owners club. The objective will be to make it a truly international event. Prizes have been donated by "The East African". A team of judges start assessing the cars on a ramp in front of the Racecourse grand stands. This is followed by a thorough scrutiny of the external finish, the interior and boot and the engine compartment. The Motorcycles are also assessed in a similar way.

Families and friends also enjoy a fun day at the Race Course on this day. For the there are bouncing castles, face painting, clowns and a magic show. There is also a spectacular parachute drop by the Smirnoff Sky team. Gala events featuring acrobats, dancers and models are also part of the entertainment.

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