Shimba Hills National Reserve - Like other national parks in Kenya, Shimba Hills National Reserve is also known for its abundant wildlife. Wild creatures wandering amidst grass and buses seem like ghosts to inexperienced eyes.
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Shimba Hills National Reserve, Kenia

A visitor's note on Shimba Hills National Reserve
I came to this park in search of peace and tranquility and it offered me just the same. It was an 'out-of-this-world' experience to see hundreds of zebra and impala grazing in the African bush and giraffes joined them in a feast of grass and leaves. I thoroughly relaxed here and enjoyed the tranquility of this park.

Factfile - Shimba Hills National Reserve
Location: South of Mombassa, Kenia
Total area: 300 sq. kms.
Major attractions: Elephant, genet and civet cat, leopard
Best time to visit: November-February

A word about Shimba Hills National Reserve
Easily accessible from the coastal highway (Mombasa) is Shimba Hills National Reserve. It overlooks an emerald of glade of dense coastal rain forest with giant cycads. Wildlife at this reserve is not as abundant as in Masai Mara or Amboseli but it is home to the rare sable antelope.
My experience at Shimba Hills National Reserve
I was visiting this park only to spend some time with myself as I knew that there is little for a wildlife enthusiast. But I was wrong as the park offered me an abundance of wildlife. While sitting quietly in my jeep I suddenly saw the image of wild elephants filling the back view mirror. I turned around and saw them disappearing in the bush. Probably, they were on their way to enjoy a cool drink at a nearby water hole.

The park offered guided night drives, which was a spine chilling experience. I also glimpsed a stealth leopard as he leapt beside me. Along the same route, I was lucky to spot two cheetahs, napping under shady trees. At night I heard hyenas howl and leopard roar in the distance.

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