Kenya Pictures - See several faces of Kenya in the Kenya picture gallery. This gallery of Kenya pictures helps you to get the feel of real Kenya which is brimming with enthralling natural sceneries.
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Kenya, acclaimed for its geographical variety, is particularly known for its national parks which are home to extraordinary wildlife and birdlife. The word 'Safari' has found its true meaning in the wildlife parks of Kenya. Few other scenes in the jungles can be compared with the migration of the wildbeests in the Masai Mara. Kenya of today has taken huge strides on the way of modernising itself. Many modern structures can be seen in the capital Nairobi. However, most places in Kenya have maintained their wilderness. See all these faces of Kenya in this Kenya picture/photo gallery.
Leopard Stalking in Kenya Zebra Scratching on a Log Profile of an Ostrich
Street with Tusk Shaped Arches White Sand Beach, Kenya Nairobi
Closeup of Olive Baboon Rainbow and Yellow Fever Acacia Baringo Giraffes
Dead Tree, Masai Mara Game Reserve White Pelicans Kenya People
Vultures in Acacia Tree Water Lily and Floating Lily Pads Sunrise Behind a Mountain
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