Meru Safari Lodge - Meru is the least visited of Kenya's larger parks and reserves, the fact which has proved a boon for it. Meru is the home of beasts like lions, buffalos and elephants.
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Meru Wildlife Safari, Kenya

Meru is a magic bag for the Safari-seekers.

With green scenic views all over, Meru Wildlife is one of the lesser explored sites of Kenya. Safari here is a satisfying experience because the shakedown is as amusing as the visage.

The Kopjes- hills arising from the velds, are the indigenous wealth of the Meru Wildlife and Doum Palm are the best spots to visit them.

What makes these forests more recognizable is Elsa, she is the lioness who became eminent because of “Born of the Free-The Book”.

The vista of the jungles seems to be a page from the Jungle Book. It is exciting, it evokes the reflex out of you. The fierce lions or the weird Rhinos, the giant elephants or the tall giraffes, Meru wildlife surpasses your imagination. The thick-headed forests are a perfect cloak for the traveler to hide himself and gaze the game.

The passion of exploring new species can be fulfilled here to the fullest extent.

The Gleaming water-waves of the Tana rivers act like shining and flowing diamonds on the rich Safari. Adjacent to the river are the three reserves Bisanadi, North Kitui and Rahole.

Being sparsely populated, it gives a feel as if you are on a tour to another planet.

Meru has the vulnerability to be explored.

Getting There
At a distance of eight-hour drive from Nairobi, Meru is approachable through the road. Maua is in proximity to the park gates.

Getting Around
It is rather convenient to reach Meru using private transport. The package of Nairobi wildlife or a hired car are the usual modes of accessing this place. The internal roads and tracks make the ride comfortable. Some of the places difficult to venture into are Kora, Rahole, Bisanadi and hence need a prudent planning.
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