Kenya Wildlife Safaris - Collectively one of the largest wildlife reserves in Africa, the twin national parks of Tsavo East and West offer 24-carat wilderness with an extensive river system.
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Tsavo East and West Wildlife Safaris, Kenya

The National Park duo of Tsavo East and West are a treasure not only to the Kenya safari but for Africa as well. It is one of the largest wildlife reserves. They are vast enough to get a new entity. The variousness of the park is evident in the vegetation itself as it varies from the savannas to the ranges and hills to the acacia and the montane forests.

The vast plain of Tsavo tell the tales of man eaters. It says that two large lions vastly preyed over the railway bridge and were dreaded soon as man eaters. This story though created a terror in the minds of people but it turned to be useful to prevent hunting in the area for a long time. The Nairobi-Mombasa railroad divides the plains.

The gamut of the game provided by these parks gives a galore of options to the visitor to gaze the wild till eternity

You can accost the expected game like lion, buffalo, rhinoceros and the unexpected one like Impala, Eland, Kudu. The game watching gets better with each snoop.

The favorite birds can be caught in their habitat strolling on the sea-side. Weavers, hornbills, rollers and raptors, all the weird and beautiful birds can be captured in their dwelling.

The Lugard Falls add a glistening music to the picture of the Kenya Safari. The sprinkling water falling on the rocks is a stupendous view.

One just cannot afford to miss the Mzima Springs. The life of these Mzima -alive Springs can be estimated from the minuscule pieces of ashes to the giant hippos. What animates these waters are the barbels and Hippopotamus. Giant hippos would sail through the waters and this can be observed from the observatories built specially for spectators. This is the one of its own kind of underwater Safari experience. The fresh water adds freshness to the life.

The springs give a benediction of Raphia Palms and Oases which have peculiarly spectacular species of waterbirds.

Tsavo East and West National Parks are the best place to enjoy the seclusion from the mundane world and to gain the thrill. Ride on your own jeep or you can board the air-vehicles which are the best way to reach the lodges and camps. Tsavo west is rather more accessible of the two and largely visited.

The pursuits such as wildlife-watching and everything related to Safari are assured to be organized.

The nearness to the coast makes it possible to have two flavors in the same dish. The pleasure of the beaches can be experienced as well. The fun of Safari can be multiplied by paying a visit to Shimba hills and Taita Game sanctuaries, Amboseli National Parks and Chyulu Hills.

Getting There
The Nairobi-Mombasa highway divides Tsavo Parks. Voi is the hub for approaching the parks but the headquarters is Mtito Andei. The efforts required in getting there are nothing in front of the pleasure and leisure.

Getting Around
It is always better to set out the on safari venture on personal transport. The safari package or the hired car from Nairobi are the usual modes of accessing this place. The internal navigation is pretty organized here.
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