Tourists attractions: On the tour to Kenya discover the numerous safe and exciting Kenya safari tour options along with that enjoy the tour to the most popular adventure destinations of Kenya including Lamu, Mombasa, Meru, Marsabit and the capital Nairobi for that cosmopolitan feel.
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On the tour to Kenya discover its numerous travel destinations like deserts, mountains, vibrant tribal culture, beaches, coral reefs and Africa's best wildlife attractions. Travel to Kenya and explore one of the finest landscapes, from Kakamega's rainforests to Indian Ocean beaches, maweni beach cottages in tiwi where fresh sea food is served every morning at doorstep by the local fishermen.

Most popular Kenya sightseeing attractions comprises of desert in the north, and The Rift Valley where evidence of protohumans was first found which is also a home to Hell's Gate National Park. Also visit the famous spots in Southwestern Kenya such as Mt Kenya National Park, the Masai Mara that offers some of the best wildlife viewing safaris of Kenya. Depending on your time and budget restraints, you can include range of Kenya attractions in your vacation package.

Kenya also has a fascinating cultural diversity with around 40 different ethnic groups, the major Kenya tribes include the Kikuyu farmers, the Turkana fishermen and the Samburu warriors, however, the most famous are the red-clad Maasai.

If you want an adventurous trip to Kenya allow us to help plan your tour to this wondrous destination, we suggest you the best of Kenya itinerary as per your needs and requirements

If you want an adventurous travel, Kenya is your ideal destination.

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