Malindi Travel - Malindi compels one to like everything about it. The place is particularly famous for its long coral beaches providing activities like diving and snorkelling as well as Malindi Marine National Park.
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Malindi Travel

A visitor's note
My visit to Malindi taught me that things don't always go as expected. I came to Malindi thinking it 'just another' destination in Kenya but it turned out so fantastic that I had to extend the duration of my stay here. I liked everything about Malaindi, its slow paced life, world class facilities for snorkeling and diving and above all the hospitality of its people.

What is its famous for: Long coral beaches and Malindi Marine National Park

A word about Malindi, Kenya
Malindi has something of a resort atmosphere, which is pleasantly mixed with the earthiness of an African center. Cotton and sisal production is still major earners, as is fishing. Malindi is well served with restaurants, hotels, cafes and a post office. With the coral reefs having been declared the Malindi Marine National Park, this is a great place for snorkeling and diving, as well as game fishing and surfing.
Major attractions in Malindi, Kenya
Malindi Marine National Park
The very first morning I reached at the Casurina Point, which was a very pretty beach. I chose my own boat and captain who seemed to be familiar with the Malindi Marine National Park. The six square kilometers of the national park covered the loveliest areas of coral garden.

Exploring the park in a glass bottomed boat was a ravishing experience. The boat had saucepan-sized windows, which made my snorkeling experience a special time. With my own rented gear, I could also swim to the reef outside the boundaries of the marine park.

Thanks to the diving schools like Driftwood and Lawford at the park, many of my co travelers could also enjoy this great experience under their expert guidance.

Northern Arabuko-Sokoke Forest
Next day I went to explore the fantastic Northern Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, which was located along the banks of the Sabaki (or Galana) river. To reach there I had to drive along the road out of Malindi towards Tsavo East. Since I was riding a mountain bike, otherwise it could have been a very tough ride.

I finally reached at Jilore, a tiny center with a scattered collection of huts and one nominal duka. After spending sometime at the village I returned back to Malindi admiring the natural beauty at the forest and the cultural heritage of the Jilore village.
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