Marsabit Travel - Marsabit town has always lived under the shadow of Marsabit National Park and Reserve. What makes the national park special is its being a forested mountain jutting out of the surrounding desert.
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Marsabit Travel

Marsabit town is overshadowed by the image of 2,090 squar metre Marsabit National Park and Reserve. The town is located on an isolated extinct volcano jutting out of the vast stretches of a desert.. View of the park, and the desert, from the summit of the volcano is marvellous. Extinct volcanoes can be spotted over the whole area.

The National Park
One of the most remote national parks of Kenya, Marsabit National Park is an extensive forest, surprising for it is in the region of a desrt. Thick forest means that the park is the home of animals like lion. Leopard, cheetah, elephant, rhino, wart hogs, giraffe, antelope and hyena. That the national park is a forested mountain rising up out of the surrounding desert makes it a special place. Lake Paradise is a nice place to camp in the national park, although you should not expect facilities here.

The Town
Marsabit is small town which has grown up riding the tourists. It has basic facilities like post office, bank, petrol stations, restaurants, lodges and shops. An airport is also here.

How to Reach
Marsabit has an airstrip supporting charter flights. As for the surface transport, it is accessible from Capital nairobi via Archer's Post and Isiolo. However, to explore the place to the fullest, it is better to have own transport. Tank up your vechicle in Isiolo for it is the last place where you would get a petrol station or a bank before Marsabit.

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