Meru Travel - Meru provides respite from chaotic life. Invigorating air, tranquil atmosphere and cultural heritage are few assets of Meru which provide the visitors with deep sense of holiday.
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Meru Travel

A visitor's note
Freshness innate in the ambiance, Meru located on Mount Kenya, ensures a furbishing travel. The hilly surroundings, the cultural richness and the worth-watching sight-seeing make it a fabulous place to holiday in. What I truly treasured about my Kenya tour in Meru was the closeness to the culture and the amicable environment. If the host is good, the guest surely has an adherence for the place. So am I grateful to Meru for the rejuvenation as the return gift of my tour.

Where is it: As high as 5000 feet above the ground, it is located on the North East slope of Mount Kenya five miles north to the equator.
What is it famous for: The municipal market

A word about Meru, Kenya
Meru is one of the most cosmopolitan towns of Kenya. It is famous for it's coffee-production. It is the hub of Kenya providing all the world class comforts and services. The evergreen trees with their characteristic Miraa-the twigs and leaves, the dense forests and the mountainous realms are the identification of Meru. A perfect amalgamate of the rural flavor and urban regions, Meru is an exquisite place to visit.
Major attractions in Meru, Kenya
The municipal market
My travel to Meru would have been incomplete without shopping and browsing through the Municipal Market. I could savor the penchant of Meru in this market. I could keep the keepsake of Meru, with the Mira. The center of the market harbored the shops devoted to Mira. There was more to satisfy the gusto with the natural tastes of custard apples in the fruit market. You can shop all your needs here and it was a rejoice for me.

Meru museum
After I had browsed through the municipal market, it was time for me to explore the second most important hot-spot which was Meru museum. The visit to Meru museum is as enlightening as truly delightful it is. One can get acquainted with the culture of the place as well as be amused with the numerous cultural feasts at the same time.

The stone tools on the Lewa Downs and the prehistoric sites are a trip on the time machine. The natural healing in the form of the medicinal shrubs in the assemblage of traditional herbs is not less than a treasure for the needy.
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