Mombasa Travel - Mombasa comes over as a town which has successfully retained its old-world charm. The historical town has so many remnants of its tumultuous past as well as string of nice beaches.
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The coastal city of Mombasa is one of Africa's major tourist destinations, with some of the best beaches in the world. Located on Kenya's Eastern coastline bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has become popular for its exotic beaches, diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly people.

Tourist Attractions of Mombasa
There are a large number of historical sites in Mombasa. One of the major tourist attractions of the city is Fort Jesus, a standing symbol of the country's ancient past. One can check out the torture rooms, prison cells and weapons that are displayed in this fort. You can also visit to the Old Town, where you can see ancient buildings that are the finest examples of Arab architecture. Another major historical attraction of the city are the Gedi Ruins, located in the northern part of the town. These are the remains of the ancient town of Gedi, which was built entirely of rocks and stones.

A major tourist attraction of the city is the Hindu Temple. Check out the ancient sculptures and magnificent carvings inside the temple while on your tour to Mombasa. It is an epitome of the cultural diversity of Mombasa and hence a popular tourist spot. The Mombasa Tusks is another most prominent tourist attraction of this coastal city, symbolizes the entrance to the heart of the town.

Beauty and Lifestyle of Kenya
Kenya is known for its nature parks and wildlife and hence one can find a large number of nature parks in Mombasa. The Mamba Village is another major Mombasa Tourist attraction. It is basically a crocodile farm located near Nyali. It is the largest crocodile farm of the country where one gets to see different species of crocodiles and learn about their lifestyle and behavior pattern. The village also has restaurants and souvenir shops to dine and shop. Besides this, tourists can visit to the Bamburi Nature Trail. You can find different kinds of animals, birds, insects and trees. This trail is a habitat for a large number of flora and fauna species.

Other Mombasa tourist attractions include the Bombolulu Workshops, Mwembe Tayari open-air market, Golden Key Casino and the Mombasa Beaches.
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