Nakuru Travel - Nakuru helps you understand the Swahili culture. Neighbored by famous Lake Nakuru National Park it can prove to be an ideal location for your holidays.
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Nakuru Travel

A visitor's note
Nakuru was the place that gave me a feel of the 'Swahili' culture. The market and buildings in the town were the most distinct attractions. It was a great feeling to see the local people preserving their century old culture in day to day life. Their hospitality touched the core of my heart and I would love to return back here very soon.

Where is it: 160 km North west of Nairobi
What is it famous for: Old buildings

A word about Nakuru, Kenya
Reputed as the small Nairobi, Nakuru started as a railway station on Kenyan-Uganda railway at the turn of this century. The name 'Nakuru' is derived from Nakurro, the Maasai word meaning a 'dusty place'. The town is located in an environmentally sensitive area. It is sandwiched between Lake Nakuru National Park to the south and the Menengai crater and its associated volcanic landscapes.
Major attractions in Nakuru, Kenya

The market
Though it was an overcrowded place but that was only adding to its charm. The market was a pleasure to roam around and I bought a variety of traditional handcrafted items from the shops. Available in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, hats were the biggest draw in the market. I also bought a few stylish hats for myself.

Old streets
While roaming around freely in the town, I came across these charming old streets that immediately caught my attention. Every building in the street was narrating the history of the town in its unique style. The architecture reminded me the colonial days. Old people sitting outside the buildings greeted me with a honest smile and invited me for a 'chilka'- the local drink.
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